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As a walk-in emergency veterinary clinic in Naples, FL, C.A.R.E. strives to provide exceptional veterinary care for your pet. All of our doctors are comfortable treating dogs and cats and are well versed in their emergency veterinary care. 


For all other pets, comfort in treatment of their illnesses is best determined by the doctor on shift. If you have a special kind of pet, please call first and we will direct you on the next best steps.

***Please note, for the safety of our staff and your pet, we do not see primates under any circumstances as we are not properly equipped for their care. We are happy to provide resources for facilities that do handle these cases. Please call us for additional guidance.

Naples Pet Emergency Hospital

Frequently Asked Questions

No, C.A.R.E. is a 24/7 walk-in emergency veterinary clinic in Naples, FL. Similar to a human hospital, we will quickly assess your pet, ensure stability and start treatments if immediate interventions are needed. Due to the nature of emergencies and walk-in’s, we never know exactly what our days will hold. We strive to have pets and families seen as quickly as possible by a veterinarian where a plan of action will be made. Diagnostics and treatments can take time and we encourage drop off while these are in progress to avoid any wait for owners. We’ll keep you updated via phone as information is obtained. However, if you’d prefer to stay, we’re happy to have you and make every effort to ensure comfort for both you and your pet.

We always appreciate a call prior to your arrival. This call allows us to ensure we are ready for your pet’s specific emergent needs. However, in a life-threatening emergency your focus should be on arriving at our facility as quickly and safely as possible. Our veterinary team will be ready to intervene in all scenarios.
Absolutely and we appreciate you expediting the check in process! In our patient portal you can fill in information about you and your pet prior to arrival.
Depending on your pet’s condition and illness, our doctors may recommend overnight care. Our hospital is equipped with all the amenities your pet needs. While we do have most medications in house, if your pet is on chronic medications we recommend bringing them so we can ensure the proper drug and amount is given while in our care. Veterinary staff is present 24/7 and is dedicated to your pet’s treatment and comfort.
Yes! We open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year, even on holidays. As a walk-in emergency veterinary clinic in North Naples, FL, we are always fully staffed with a qualified veterinarian and nursing team to serve the emergent needs of our community’s pets and the families that love them.
Absolutely! We are happy to accommodate visiting families and work hard to ensure you feel as much a part of the hospitalization process as you are comfortable with. Our top priority is treating our patients and helping them to return to health. We will discuss what is to be expected in the hospitalization process and invite your family to be part of it, if desired. Additionally, we are happy to facilitate video calls, update calls and texts to keep your family up to date.

We accept cash and all major credit cards at C.A.R.E. Additionally, we are proud to accept Scratch Pay and Care Credit. We are happy to work with all major insurance providers to get your pet their needed care. Each insurance company works differently, we recommend reaching out to them by phone first. We are then happy to help with anything they may require from us.

Care Credit and Scratch Pay are third party providers that offer lines of credit that make financing your pet’s health care easier. You can apply for these easily online at any time. We are happy to answer any questions about these options and help in the application process.

All of our veterinarians at our walk-in emergency veterinary clinic in Naples, FL are highly trained emergency veterinary doctors with the expertise needed to stabilize and treat critically ill and injured pets. If we feel your pet would benefit from a specialist, our doctors will guide you in the next best steps.

We do not and we know that end of life care is a delicate process. If you and your pet are in need of a quality of life consultation or humane euthanasia, we are available at all times of the day and night to support your family. If able, calling ahead will allow us to prepare for this important time. Our Naples, FL pet euthanasia services are catered to you and your pet. We provide a comfortable room with a private exit, with the sincere hope that, while not in your home, you’ll have the personal space and support needed.

Naples Pet Emergency Hospital

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