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All services available 24/7, 365 days a year.


Some of the services we are offering are: Emergency and critical care, full diagnostic in-house laboratory testing which includes blood chemistry panels, as well as electrolyte and blood gas, coagulopathy, progesterone, cortisol, and lactate monitoring, respiratory/cardiac support with oxygen units and ventilators, blood transfusions from our screened donor program where our patients benefit from fresh whole blood transfusions, an isolation ward with negative pressure to eliminate cross contamination, surgical intervention, caesarian sections, perineal ureterostomies, gastric volvulus and dilation correction, access to advanced surgical and orthopedic procedures, as well as digital radiology, ultrasonography and echocardiography, ECG, digital cytology and computed tomography (CT). All advanced imaging is verified by a board certified radiologist.


In addition to our state of the art equipment and while focusing primarily on dogs and cats, if your other pets; birds, exotics, pocket pets or farm animals are in need of emergency CARE, when others say no, we are here to provide some capacity of CARE to them and you.

We also strive to provide emergency referral based continuation of CARE from your family veterinarians, tailored to specific treatment goals and expectations for each patient. Unlike many referral facilities, we work collaboratively with you and your family veterinarians, encouraging their involvement, returning full privileges and access to their referral patients with full transparency, whether in our facility or by phone. Lastly, and very unique to CARE because we recognize the needs of our community, and to aid in assistance to client’s who may have driving restrictions, we also offer non-critical transportation services on a limited basis. We will happily transport your pet between your referring veterinarian and our facility with capabilities for home transport and delivery.

Naples Pet Emergency Hospital

Critical Care

Our experienced emergency veterinarians are well seasoned, confident and quick to recognize and stabilize the needs of critical pets. We also have staff to dedicate to critical patient care for personal points of care for each individual patient. We collectively have treated 100’s of envenomation’s (snake bites) antifreeze ingestions, many different classifications of toxicities, exposures and overdoses, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, smoke inhalation and burns, hyper and hypo – thermia, thromboembolism, FCE (blood and cartilage clot), diabetic crisis, hypoglycemia, infections disease in our negative pressure isolation ward, as well as many more services to vast to list.

Naples Pet Emergency Hospital


Because we always have a veterinarian on staff, skilled and proficient with emergency cases, we are available to perform a wide array of emergency surgical procedures once your pet is stable. A few examples of these surgeries may be caesarian sections, uterine infections requiring hysterectomy, GI foreign bodies, splenectomies, cystotomies (bladder stone removal) perineal ureterostomies, fracture stabilization. We also collaborate and have access to advanced orthopedic, soft tissue, spinal, minimally invasive joint surgeries, laparoscopic and thoracoscopic procedures, fluoroscopies, endoscopy, gastroscopy, bronchoscopy, cystoscopy, myringotomy, and more. Any patients requiring advanced procedures once stabilized will receive a full consultation to
explain how these services are offered.

Naples Pet Emergency Hospital


Should your pet require hospitalization, rest assured we are here for you. We offer fully staffed 24-hour CARE. Whether you and your pet wait for diagnostic results, or if your pet is in need of critical care, we will provide personalized care tailored to their needs and yours from our dedicated and skilled team with full transparency and access. We are all pet owners ourselves, we know how you feel and empathize with you. We offer both comfort and CARE to you and your pet so you are confident and comfortable entrusting your pet with us. We encourage your involvement and we will keep you updated with your pet’s condition as they change, either from one of our veterinarians or one of our dedicated staff members. Unlike many facilities, we encourage and welcome your visits when they are convenient to you. We recognize the importance of the human animal bond and how visiting convalescing patients benefit from spending time with their owners to help increase their hospitalization time and encourage and healing. Many patients will eat more readily and perk up when they have seen and spent time with their owners. So please feel free to visit at your convenience.

Naples Pet Emergency Hospital

Palliative, Hospice and End of Life Care

Everyone asks which part of veterinary medicine is the most difficult. While so many aspects of veterinary medicine has its challenges, when it comes to palliative, hospice and end of life services, many times it is these components. We hire staff members who are empathetic and comforting. These are qualities that cannot be taught and resonate from within. No one wants to say good bye to any loved one, human or animal. But being surrounded by skilled, compassionate and caring individuals certainly helps the transition. We are here to provide comfort when you and your pet needs it the most.


Whether it is to augment an active treatment plan, adjust pain medication, or administer fluids, we are here. If it is time for your pet to make their final transition, we will be here. What is most important is comfort. Your pet’s comfort and your decision to proceed as well. We will help guide you and offer recommendations, but you are in full control and you must feel completely comfortable with your decision. Allow us to help assist you during the most difficult and most important decision you may be faced with.

Emergency Care -
What we do best!

If you fear your pet is having an emergency, please call us. We are available 24/7 – 365. We know it can sometimes be difficult to tell if your pet’s current state is an emergency. This is why we offer an array of services including bloodwork, diagnostics, and x-rays in our Naples animal emergency hospital. Our expert staff is happy to guide you on the next best steps. While calling ahead helps, if you know your pet is experiencing an emergency, focus on safely arriving at our facility. We’ll be there and are always ready for emergency situations.

Happy Pet Stories

Professionals and reliable since the moment we walked in with out little dog Buster. The staff was courteous and most important caring for Buster immediately. I recommend the vets at Collier Animal any time. 

J. Anderson


When we needed a fast and affordable place to get our pets vaccines, I found Collier Animal Hospital. They took care of my pets needs and it was a Sunday. 

I. Barros


I had a hard time finding a local pet hospital when my dresser fell on top of my cat. Thank God we found the people at Collier Animal Referral. My cat now has 8 lives to go. 

D. Peters


One of the worse days of my life was when I had to put down our family dog. The team at CARE were professional and compassionate. Thank you for caring so much.

M. Woo


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